Class Schedule



Burns Elementary 9:15- 10:15 am – Photography and PowerPoint-Michael Hoatson


Sanders-Clyde Middle-  Film making Instructors:Tony Bell and Corie Hipp


Mitchell Elementary – (TBA)

Jennie Moore Elementary- 10:05  amt0 11:55 am starts Feb 5th  -ECM partnership                                                            

Charleston Developmental Academy- 2-3 pm iPad/PowerPoint Instructors- Corie Hipp/Obed Danjoint


Jennie Moore Elementary- 10:05  am to 11:55 am starts Feb 6th     ECM partnership

Zucker Middle-Auto design class instructors:Dennis Huguley, Mike Hoatson (TBA)


Marrington Middle School of Art – 8:15 starts Jan 6th Coding instructor Tommy Carl Taylor

James Simons Elementary-8:15 Photography and iPad with Pics Art  Enough Pie Partnership -instructor: Obed Danjoint

Memminger- 2:05pm  3D design class instructors:Dennis Huguley, Mike Hoatson

Zucker Middle – 2:40 to 4 pm Adobe Photo Shop Instructor: Nick Smith