Dear Friends of Yo Art,

In 2017, we celebrated Yo Art’s 10th anniversary. It was a very special year for our organization, and to this day we are still feeling the glow!

But even more than a cause for celebration, 2017 was a moment of reflection, a moment when we looked back on the 5,000 students over the past 10 years who have experienced the excitement of holding a camera for the first time, of the wonderment of what an iPad with Keynote could produce, of the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a public presentation in our programs. We are also thankful for the number of generous supporters and partners who made the past 10 years not only possible but remarkable. We are incredibly grateful for those who pushed us to grow and inspired us to think bigger. We hope you are as proud as we are with what we accomplished during our 10th anniversary year.

Highlights include:

  • We served 995 students – a record for us!
  • We partnered with yet another school, Cainhoy Elementary in Huger, S.C.
  • We hosted our first fundraiser (our 10th anniversary birthday party) – and what a success it was!
  • We developed a new website and strong development plan.

As you can see, 2017 provided us with many reasons to celebrate.

Looking ahead to 2018, we are excited to empower more students, serve more schools, and train more teachers. Thank you for joining us on this journey! Your support of our work changes so many lives for the better.

With gratitude,

Lori Bate, President of the Board and Director of Development

Gene Furchgott, Founder and Executive Director