Last semester, 80 fifth grade students from Angel Oak Elementary took a field trip to Night Heron Park to flex their newfound photography skills.

After five weeks in Yo Art’s photography program, with instruction by local photographer Adam Chandler and our Executive Director Elizabeth Bowers, the students headed to Kiawah Island with their iPads to reinforce their ecosystems unit in science and to learn more about the marshes, beaches, plants, and animals in the Lowcountry.

They captured horseshoe crabs and waves, met a baby alligator and a couple snakes with the help of the Nature Program Directors at Night Heron Park, and fulfilled a curiosity for getting out into the field and feeling like a real photojournalist.

After the field trip, students returned to class, excited about what they’d captured, and set out to create a Keynote presentation—also on their iPads—on the ecosystems where they live using their own photography. We returned each week to help them hone their presentation skills, and to wrap up the program, each student got up in front of the class to share their work.

Art was shared, key terms were reinforced, and hopefully their new knowledge they learned, of photography and ecosystems, will be with them for years to come.