Dear Loyal Supporters,

As the summer concludes and we find ourselves pondering the re-opening of schools, we here at Yo Art are committed to helping our students regain their Spring ’20 level of education.  Most organizations have been hit very hard by our current circumstances.  Here at Yo Art we are using these challenging times to make our organization stronger, better and more useful to those students in need.  We will not succumb, we will thrive.  I am happy to report that our Executive Director, Greg Colleton, has made a superhuman effort to reach out to other organizations, other business and other leaders to imagine a bigger and better Yo Art.  Our instructors too, have spent many hours this past summer developing on-line programs so that the students can learn efficiently and effectively while staying healthy.

What we are doing
Our coding instructor has developed a functioning on-line coding program that will be a resource for students during the fall semester.  Our other instructors in fashion and graphics are also preparing virtual learning lesson plans.

We are partnering with Miracle of Youth to launch a Future Entrepreneurship program with a local high school.  The collaboration will bring business owners to speak to the students and help them write business plans.  The students will have the opportunity to enter a contest that can lead to prizes and/or scholarships.

We have established a culinary photography program with Burke High School.  This will be our first foray into teaching photography at the high school level.

Our goals
We will continue in our efforts to raise the funds necessary to make our mission a reality.  We are looking for iPads, cameras and resources to support field trips.  Our Executive Director, Greg Colleton, launched a “Give and Get Back” fundraiser where one can donate $150 or more and then select a one of a kind framed photograph from our students.  Here is the link to the collection:

We will get through these challenging times by working hard to make our dreams a reality for these students.  Please donate now at  We here at Yo Art thank you in advance for your help and support.


Lori Bate
Chairman of the Board, Yo Art