Dear loyal supporters,


As of April 2020, I was granted the role as Executive Director of Yo Art Inc. Immersed in the Charleston art community for more than 8 years, I have personally witnessed the significance of arts education in schools. We are continuing our mission to close the digital divide in the Low-country and provide opportunity through media arts instruction in Title I schools that otherwise can’t provide technological career-training.


With fundraising cancellations, the uncertainty of in-person student learning, and slow grant responses, we are navigating through these uncharted waters with optimism and hope.


But I can say this, we do have a future. It will be different, and it will be better. I know this because I know you, our donors, sponsors, and instructors, care so much about our young, talented, and energetic students. Together we will develop a better future.


Here’s what we have planned and achieved:


  • Developed online programs, namely an integrated coding program, platform to our website so that students can continue to learn at home.
  • Virtual lesson plans readily available for classroom teachers and parents.
  • A photo gallery component has been added to the website so our photography students can continue to appreciate the skill.
  • Bringing our mission to at risk community centers and neighborhoods.
  • Partnerships with local organizations.


To help us get to that point in this time of uncertainty, your donations were greatly appreciated and went towards finding innovative ways to continue our mission in Charleston’s educational community as we all change and grow.


You may still contribute to our mission via our website!


My thoughts are with all of you as we weather this storm.




Gregory Colleton

Executive Director