March welcomed spring, pollen, & more!!!   

I can’t believe it’s already the end of March and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome spring and warmer weather! We have been able to continue to evolve throughout these unprecedented times and fully expand our programming virtually!

Both Charleston and Berkley county school districts are still optimistic that we will be able implement in-person instruction next semester.

Here’s a brief update!


Being virtual, our coding programming is adaptable to this new norm. Currently, we are teaching 3rd-5th graders at Frierson Elementary. The students are adapting and learning extremely fast.  At Charleston Development Academy, the 7th graders were introduced to the basic fundamentals of website design and well into building their 1st website. At the end of the program, each student will have the ability to design and publish their own website. Our instructor, Paige Hetherington, is leading both schools weekly.


Angel Oak Elementary is looking to expand the digital technological curriculum, especially in graphic design. We are looking forward to assisting in these efforts and re-engaging their students.

Calling all media artists! We are in need of Graphic Designers, Digital Photographers, and any willing media artist/designer/architect with a desire to teach! All instructors are compensated! If you’re able to dedicate at least 45mins to 1hour out of your week, let us know!


As we all know, it has been extremely difficult getting back into schools. So, we’ve developed a dialogue with local organizations that work within our students’ neighborhood. Engagement is key!!

Currently, Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy partnership is quickly developing into a lastly partnership. Every Thursday, we virtually engage with the students after school!  From the comfort of their homes, we introduced fashion design and digital photography with K-12 students. The elementary students have been learning the elements of design and photography, mainly 3rd-5th graders. With a brief course in African American Art history, they were introduced to the great collage artist, Romare Bearden. The students will be given art kits stocked with all the needed supplies to create a collage inspired by the works of Bearden. They will incorporate their photography and other mixed media to create their masterpiece.

The high school students were introduced to fashion design by our long-time instructor and friend, Jonatan Ramirez. This course, Survey of the Fashion Industry, is an entry level fashion class that is usually taught the freshman year of college. Ramirez introduced students to the diverse, exciting, and ever-changing fashion industry!

The goal is to be engaging and will allow students to be able to use certain elements in their everyday and outside of high school lives. From design to marketing to product placements, trends, and forecasting, students will see that fashion is everywhere!


We are encouraged and inspired by our community. So, we are always open to any ideas, suggestions, knowledge, profession, etc. that could help us strengthen our mission. Be sure to follow us on all social media platforms up-to-date news and happenings! See links below.

Again, we do have a future. It will be different, and it will be better. We know this because we know you, our donors, sponsors, and instructors, care so much about our young, talented, and energetic students. Together we will develop a better future.