Dear Loyal Supporters,

The school year is ending this week and we are thankful that we got through it. To be honest, it was not an easy time as I am sure you are aware. One of our teachers expressed concern about the students being “burned out” by April from all the online work. However, as changed as our circumstances are, we are not deterred from our mission, in fact, we are doubling down and creating more programs to help our students regain lost ground. We are not going to lose time this summer, we are going to take advantage of it.

What we are doing
We are developing a summer school program with Kaleidoscope digital photography and we will need to expand our inventory of cameras, iPads, and supplies for the students. This program teaches the basics of photography, the photographic process and introduces students to careers in photojournalism.

We are also partnering with the First Tee program and will offer a fashion design course. First Tee Game Changer is a multi-year program hosted by First Tee – Greater Charleston.  It provides impactful year-round experiences for students on the brink of success, this is a free program for these students. In the mornings they will be at the golf course learning life skills like respect, integrity, and confidence through the game of golf.  Yo Art will partner and host the participants for different STEAM and enrichment activities.  We are planning to offer graphic design and fashion design workshops.

Our goals
We are going to use our time this summer to rebuild and reorganize our programs to be ready to hit the ground running as the schools re-open fully this fall. It is with great relief that we are back doing this work and we are depending on you our donors to give us a hand so that we can purchase the equipment we need to make these programs a success.

We greatly appreciate your help and support. Little did we know how long it would be and what an arduous trail we would have to negotiate, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we are energized to get there! Thank you for all you do.


Lori Bate                                                  Greg Colleton
Chairman of the Board                            Executive Director